Markets, members and more
Jabez Flores (Good Food Community)
When you happen to meet Jabez for the first time, it is as if the market is upon you. He is like a whole community downing upon you, but a pleasant one, and surprisingly inspiring as well. The good food community is one of the pioneers of subscription farming in the Philippines. They have internalized the challenges that come with doing this kind of pioneering work in the country. Jabez has his insights on farmers and consumers alike, when organizing production areas all around the metropolis became his motto. Of course the challenges that come with this is what he wants to share with us. Jabez will share the ins and outs on how to repeat the good food community effort in breeze without needing to go through the hardships they experienced.
Healing in times of disaster
Sarah Queblatin (Global Eco-village Network)
Sarah hardly runs out of energy and she is always on the lookout for peace and well-being, often not for herself, but for others. Sarah is a community person and has generously shared and applied her insights in the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan. With patience and a broad smile Sarah heals children and families with a spark of permaculture sprinkled in the heart and soul of every individual. She shares this on a platform of community building and with the search of resilience. Sarah has a good grasp of what community is all about and she has been using these insights to spread eco-village principles all over the country and even up to the level of supporting the long lasting peace process in Mindanao, a region long torn between different beliefs. So what are the secret community boosters? How applies permaculture to the creation of better communities? These and others are the questions Sarah will walk us through.
Productions with heart and soul
Diango Valmores (Diango products and entertainment)
Dynamism with beauty! Django performs, guides and facilitates the artists in all of us. He has been perfecting the trade of making elegant leather products with a team of equally crafted and gifted young people. His magic on the social fabric is one of inspiration and endurance. Django will show us his magic and how small-scale efficient economics can generate more wealth and abundance that anyone will ever dream of. This presentation rocks and moves us to share the skills in all of us and to apply the open source permaculture theory in everything we do. Django will let us peep in the unfolding social fabric ahead of us.