The art of community building
Pi Villaraza (Maia Eco-village/ Bahay Kalipay)
Pi is inspired by the spiritual energy that surrounds us. The question at bay is how can we tap into that invisible potential? As one of the leaders of the global ecovillage network for oceania and asia, Pi has been passionately seeking for the unifying elements between community, food production, nutrition, healing and consciousness. He is the founder of maia earth village and has initiated healing communities around Asia, America and Europe, based on a flowing energy that coursed through him living as a hermit on a coconut diet for almost two years in Palawan, Philippines. He has since translated the process as a functional framework for ecologists, corporations, non-profits, hospitals and community living.
The hosting and movement of community
Edna Lee (Mayflower inn/ Tinakbo Sugbu
Edna is the energetic lady of the central Philippines. She is a mover of sorts and a good host at that as well. Edna has sprinkled permaculture over their family’s chain of small hotels and turned them into warm and receptive places. What she initiated generated a paradigm shift that even they couldn’t imagine was possible. By improving small details and adding beauty left and right, the habitat of being became so much more responsive. Once the design process started to bear fruits many more interesting things started to happen. One of them is the obsession with biking and turning the second largest city of the Philippines into a biker’s paradise.

How did Edna learn all of this? what are the secret's behind and what can we all learn from this?