Sensible Farms
Ben Luther Lucas (Agritera)
What would farms of the future look like? Will we continue with monstrous monocultures? Or can we finally state, show and convince those that are producing our food that alternatives are more than feasible…that they are already happening right below our feet. Ben has been going around the Philippines and has become more than convinced that if farmers can be given a break, it will be an easy and feasible next step to make them earn some real benefits from growing crops, while enjoying more what they do best: cultivating earth! The story unfolds on how we can turn the planet in yet again a better place to be.
The wilder side of food
Bert Peeters (Founder of Cabiokid Foundation/ Philippine Permaculture Ass.)
Bert takes us on a discovery trip to the tropical eco-system and the remnants that this country still has to offer. The story dwells on the wild around and in us, and how we will be more drawn to it. Forests and wild areas harbor some of the most interesting aspects of life. Wherever Bert goes, he bumps into surprisingly interesting and un-expected permaculture aspects. It are these surprises and the often un-explained beauty that make it worth to continue explore and exploit, while returning back some of that wilderness in our own homes, gardens or farms. What does it take to create a real zone 5 in Permaculture? Where do we look or get inspired and how could we even mimic the beauty out there and bring it a bit closer to us, while benefitting from it in the process of doing so?
The taste and flavors of cooking
Daisy Langenegger (Green Daisy Farm and Restaurant)
The green lady and foodie expert of this country never goes out of style. Daisy is literally a walking buffet, non-stop talking and sharing her new thoughts on food and cooking with anyone who wants to listen. You would just get your fill for the day. It is this amazing enthusiasm that has created a wealth of information on food specialties and more so on the simplicity of good food. To combine all tastes and flavors, what kind of ingredients is necessary and where would we source them? How do we ensure that good ingredients end up on the best possible plate and go through the careful and sensitive hands needed to create some of the best nutrients our bodies can dream of. And yet again, how do we do this in the midst of having fun and staying energetic.